01 January 2008

caffeine-induced bonus post

I am up late tonight. We were treated to dinner out and I decided that 4 cups of coffee and a waffle was a good idea. Thus, I am in a caffeine-induced writing frenzy and my Stefani is peacefully sleeping next to me.

She is amazing. Still. Quiet. Precious. Beautiful.

I wonder what she dreams about, what images race through her brain as her body lies motionless. I hope she dreams of children. She is going to be an incredible mother. I hope she dreams of home. She is going to love the familiar embrace of community. I hope she dreams of old-age and grandkids, of slurping Jell-O and reminiscing. I can’t wait to journey there with her.

I hope...

I think I’ll sleep now. I hope I dream of her.


  1. man kyle...you made me cry again! i love you guys...you both are precious - can't wait till you return!
    give stef a hug for me.

  2. man...what a sweet guy! haha love you guys!