24 December 2007

video from south africa (proof of our existence)

This is video of the time we spent with the team from Grace Point in November.**

This might just give you a real idea at what life looks like around here. Just press play. It's that easy... (Make sure your volume is up on your computer and feel free to share the video with whomever - email it around the world.)

**video by ryan "lanolin" callahan


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!! That video BROKE my heart in a million different pieces. I have been praying this year about going Global for a cause, scared to actually take the plunge, have had John Walters constantly asking me when am I going global and saying the time is now.

    I think God has spoken to me through this video..thank you Ryan for capturing the trip.

    I think Africa is calling my name.

    Sara in San Antonio

  2. sara -

    we know a place that would love to have you...

    "who will go? whom shall i send?"


  3. Keep serving it up guys...you're my heroes....


    David E