21 December 2007

really resisting recommened reading only to regret the resistance and recommend it yourself

Has anyone ever recommended a book to you that you weren’t completely certain you wanted to read? Actually, you were completely certain that you weren’t all that interested.

And have you ever read that book, only to be surprised and inspired?

I am finishing Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels, which is the next book prescribed for the Leadership Class I am leading. Hybels seems like a nice enough guy. Pretty good speaker, interesting enough I suppose. But he isn’t a sexy choice. He doesn’t have anecdotal brilliance. He doesn’t have many gimmicks or hooks. As it turns out, he just has solid, thoughtful things to share – page after page.

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  1. I'll have to check that one out. I read another one of his already; "Holy Discontent"...Thanks for the recommendation on that one!

  2. This was a book that sort of blew my mind. I love how Bill Hybels can just make leadership seem so easy.

    I also liked his book, "Just Walk Across the Room". I have several copies as I wanted to share the wisdom with other friends of mine.

    Another book that I didn't think I wanted to read but kept being told it was really great was "The Tipping Point". Really interesting reading. And now, the author has another one out called "Blink" which I have but haven't gotten to yet.

    I am a huge reader of books. So, I love to hear what others are reading and how it is affecting their thinking.

    -Sara in San Antonio

  3. sara - read blink. you will love it. it is brian candy, just like tipping point. i actually convinced a girl here to buy blink 2 days ago.

    then, buy freakonomics. you'll be like, "no thanks, economics are boring" but this book is in the same mold as malcolm gladwell's - very interesting and full of things that you will feel compelled to tell your friends.

  4. I will definately be picking this book up Kyle! Sara thanks to Kyle I was able to read both of the books you mentioned and they are fantastic. Reading is my favorite.

  5. i like smiling...smiling's my favorite!

  6. jumbo chili dogs were a bad choice!

  7. Evaporated Milk was a bad choice......for a Christmas gift.

  8. Cool, Kyle, I will start Blink (it is on my coffee table just waiting to be picked up and devoured) and I will look on Amazon for Freakonomics. (any excuse to shop on Amazon...)

    Pastor Jeff is using The Tipping Point as basis for leadership retreat next month. I am anxious to see how he spins it.

    Praying for you both.

    --Sara in San Antonio