11 December 2007

i was thinking today...

I was thinking today...

Christmas time is near, isn't it?

Charlie Brown is again dragging that pitiful tree into the picture.

Malls are again teeming with people looking to impress their loved ones, to communicate love through shiny wrapping and thoughtful gifts.

Families will drink hot chocolate together, open presents together, and worship together at candlelight services that honor the birth of their King.

We are thinking of all of that a little more often as Christmas draws closer. We are also thinking of the family of the infant that we buried on Monday. Christmas may not be so joyful for them. We are thinking of the dirty little squatter children, wondering what exactly Christmas looks like for them. We are thinking of the family and friends we love back home.

Stefani surely thinks of her sisters and wonders what December 25th without them will be like. I long to see the faces of my parents as their children and grandchildren open the gifts that they hope will bring joy and laughter. Stef longs for the comfort found in a parent. I long to wrestle with my only nephew. We think and wonder what it will all be like here without you.

We will likely spend the day quietly, just the two of us. We will pray for all of you before you wake up to see what has been left under the tree. We will pray for silly things, like cold weather, good food, and good company. We will pray for heavy things as well, health for those we know to be ailing and fullness for those we know to remain broken and empty. Then, selfishly, we will pray that you remember us on your day. We will pray that you might remember some of the stories we have passed on and that you might, in the midst of all of the excitement, utter a prayer for the people here who are so desperate for something better.

I was thinking today...


  1. I know I, for one, will be thinking of you guys all day on Christmas. It just won't be the same without y'all here. But then again, it wouldn't be the same if you were here either. Those gifts under the tree might have seemed more important than they really are. Thanks for your hearts and words. They'll make my Christmas very memorable indeed!

  2. tears! i think ill just wait to celebrate christmas in march! i dont want christmas without stefani! haha how about you just mail yourself here and pop out of a box! that would be great! ok not possible..i just miss you!

  3. I was thinking today.....that there is no way that you will be forgotten this Christmas. I love you both dearly and miss you more than words can explain. I pray for you everyday! Can't wait till March or Feb whatever happens. Love you.