28 December 2007

bono and where god exists

As always, turn up your volume and just press play.


  1. thanks bono, thanks kyle, and above all thanks God for people that understand what life is about. You have created everything under the sun and so we praise you whether we find ourselves on the top of a hill in a mansion or in an infected squatter camp. You alone are to be praised.

  2. Wow, my favorite U2 song of ALL time. I am showing my age by saying this, but they used to end their concerts with this song, and then for quite awhile, didn't.

    Every time I hear this, I think about how God is so good in the time of waiting on HIS timing. He gives us what we need in His time, and He is never late.

    U2 has been my favorite band since I was a teenager..I have always admired how a band could sing about praising our good God for his blessings and mercies.

    Singing a new song,
    Sara in San Antonio

  3. to make good on a promise we make to Him. how often do we break that promise each and every day?