02 November 2007

pregnant with possibility (day 5.2)

I guess that this week I hoped that we would all consider our place. I hoped that we would see things as they could be and we would free ourselves from what we've learned only to learn it anew.

I am beginning to see the days in a new way, pregnant with possibility. A child waits to enter this world, pushing on the life that sustains her. Our days wait the same, challenging the life that gives them meaning, pushing us to make something of today, of the choices that lie before us.

Pregnant with possibility. Every day. I believe in change and the larger Source that makes it all matter.

twice maya

a woman
she is bulging

she dangles
from the avarice
the precipice

of creation

of heartbeats

future scented
with backstreets
acrimonious vignettes of possibility

a woman
she is bulging

she dangles

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