26 November 2007

photographic evidence of our existence (also known as "we're back")

We have had four Americans in to work with us, play with us, and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Plus, our friend Tiffani is sticking around until late January...

Here are some photos of the last two weeks around here. There would be more but Blogger is evil sometimes and it wouldn't let me put more photos up for some reason. You get the highlights of our culture day and a couple of other random shots. There will be more (much more) soon, along with the accompanying stories.

the group at the Apartheid Museum

stef and tiffani at the USA-SA soccer match (with SA face-paint included)

kyle and ryan looking friendly before the soccer kicked off

stef shopping in bulk in preparation for "sandwich warfare"

if you can't be silly with polony, what can you be silly with?

one of our favorite children finds a new way to use sandwich-bag ties

dealing with the weight of squatter camps (and trying to bring some hope)

simple squalor

the outside of Beauty's new apartment (which was summarily painted and decked out by the team)

stef and the team practicing for sunday morning church

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  1. i absolutely love seeing all of your faces! jnvurywkbhw (oops! that was duncan!) he says he likes seeing you too! haha