29 November 2007

the kindle (oh, the kindle)

I love to read.

And this may be the beginning of the next great advance for readers. Amazon.com has released the Kindle, an electronic way to read and store books. Basically, it is an iPod for books, with all of the tactile requirements that make book reading so enjoyable. Plus, most new books are only $9.99 on it, meaning that frequent readers can save a lot of money!!

This might as well be my official declaration that I am a nerd. But this thing excites me!!

If only it weren't $400. Sigh.


  1. i'll wait for mac to spice it up and overprice it first.

    ps I'm a nerd as well
    love ya

  2. does someone want this for christmas? haha ;)

  3. Whatever...I'm getting it for him!! Ryan Russ Randy, you can have 8 for hannakah!

  4. Dude, I read the same article over thanksgiving - fascinating. Am I a nerd too?