28 October 2007

week-long series begins monday - i believe in change

Monday I will begin week-long, six-day series of posts that have groaned forth from the depths within me. I am hopeful that you will share them and that you will comment on them. I hope for honesty and self-reflection. I hope for a discussion to emerge.

You see, there are days that I believe in change. There are days that I feel like a revolutionary. There are days when I feel like the drop in the bucket that I contribute to the world might just be the drop that causes the water to breach the top rim of the bucket, spilling revolutionary love and grace into the world at large, into the places beyond the reach of my too-short arms.

There will be poems I have written and explanations as to what it might all mean.

Again, please share. And please contribute - positive, negative, whatever.

darkness into light

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