03 October 2007

nobody wants to die

We buried Andre on Tuesday.

Strange things, funerals…

They cause such consideration about life and mortality. And, really, as draining as they can be, I am starting to believe that we need more of them in our lives.

We, as a society, are so ignorant of our own mortality. We believe in the lie of invincibility. We buy age-defying creams. We spray hair onto our bald spots. We do anything to convince ourselves that we’re not slowly dying, that our weak little bodies are not quietly shutting down. And yet, we all pass on at some point.

All of that to say this: we’ve been blessed by all of the funerals we’ve been at lately. We have another one on Thursday. Again, we’ll consider what our lives stand for. We’ll wonder what people will say over our remains. We’ll think about what changes we have to make to prepare to leave this world better than we found it for the glory of His name. In the end, we’ll be better for the whole exercise.

I’m reading a book right now called “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven – But Nobody Wants to Die” by David Crowder and Mike Hogan. It’s really a prolonged look at death. It is also a walk through the history of the soul (and bluegrass) and a way for the authors themselves to grieve. It was their friend and pastor who was electrocuted while baptizing someone in Waco a few years back. The book is, well, different; but enjoyable. Recommended…

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