15 October 2007

all the roots grow deeper when it's dry

It occurs to me that maybe the reason that God drags us through the desert is not so He can break us down or grind away all the mess that’s built up over the years – maybe He just wants to encounter us in a place where we have nothing to distract us from His presence. Maybe the desert forces us to dig deep, find our source, find Him in a new way.

I’ve long thought of the desert of a place of growth, thanks to David Wilcox (tasty photo below). He wrote a song called “All the Roots Grow Deeper When It’s Dry”. Full lyrics to song

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It is a beautiful picture, really. Even when the dryness comes, there is growth going on under the surface. The roots (in the depths of our soul) begin to dig deeper into the soil, searching for a source of replenishing moisture, seeking the coolness found far below the punishing conditions on the surface.

So, why are we surprised when our greatest times of growth are the times when the greatest adversity comes against us? Down in the depths of our selves, there is nothing but Him. No distractions, no preoccupations. Just Him.

All the roots grow deeper when it’s dry.

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