22 September 2007


Hey People!!

It's a rare weekend appearence for us.

I thought I'd use this opportunity to tell you fine folks what we've been up to...

UNO - ya, the card game.

Remember that we can't go anywhere at night, being that we're afraid of being on the receiving end of one of the many gunshots we hear throughout the night. (And, as an aside, they are becoming more regular as the weather warms up - surely someone will send me an article about violence and weather interrelativity...Google it people.)

So, we've been playing UNO one on one and trying to teach a few Africans how to play. Pretty exciting, huh? Ya, it is.

So, enjoy your evenings in the lovely autumn weather - but as you settle in for dinner on a patio or a nice walk in the park, think of us. And fear the day that we get together and Stef and I break out UNO. We are honing our skills and holding the WILD DRAW 4 card close to the vest.

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