20 September 2007

learning to live in a season of dryness

We heard some thunder Tuesday afternoon, looked out the window to see dark clouds, and we waited for life-giving rain. And there was none.

The ground still lays dusty, the plants are still thirsty, and we are still waiting for some sign that the days will change.

There was a strange excitement that came with the thunder. We decided to take a walk, ignoring the lightening and the potential that we would get soaked. The anticipation of being part of something bigger than ourselves, something refreshing and new, compelled us into the street.

Maybe that’s how it is with all new things in our lives. Seasons change and we grow excited, only to lament that the next season won’t come soon enough. We anticipate the leaves falling during the heat of summer and then long for the warm rays of a spring sun during the gray winter.

Wherever we are, we are always looking to what’s next, what’s new, and what will wake us up again. We are learning here to rest in the season we’re in, no matter how promising the coming season appears.

So, today, we continue to wait for the rain. And we’ll try to appreciate the warm sunshine that precedes it.

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