07 September 2007

friday and rugby and why we don't care

It's Friday!!

That means, well, nothing. But we're excited anyway.

We took Pastor Willie to the airport at 6am this morning to go to an outreach in Cape Town. Must be tough, ministering in paradise.

While at the airport, we saw lots of white people wearing green and gold heading into the international terminal. That can only mean one thing. The Rugby World Cup starts today in France and South Africa, among the world heavyweights in rugby, will have plenty of rich white fans in attendance.

The US Rugby team? Well, they're in the World Cup as well, actually in the same group as South Africa so they'll play each other soon. Here's a quick preview: Some guy will break his collarbone in the first five minutes. Another guy will run with a white ball and smash a couple of other guys in the face and then they'll tackle him, breaking his collarbone. This will go on for about 2 hours and then one team will win, celebrating by looking like they're in slightly less pain than the losing team. Now you know.

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