01 September 2007

breaking news!!! our new roomie

OK people, breaking news.

We spent Saturday in prison, trying to be Jesus' love to the murderers and rapists of the Groenpunt Maximum Security prison. I think we'll talk more about that soon.

Anyway, when we got home, we met our new roomate. I think she said her name was Sister Sledge or something. She is pretty nice, but, well...

She is like 93 years old. Seriously. She is 4' 3", 26 lbs, and 93 years old. And I am only slightly exaggerating.

Here's the really great part: To really give her a warm welcome, Stef decided to walk in on Sister Sledge IN THE BATHROOM no less than 30 minutes after meeting her. Umm, awkward!! Stef blames Sister Sledge for not locking the door or having the light on. Only Stef...

The good news is, this new arrangement opens up all sorts of new pranks around the house. I'm thinking of picking up Sister Sledge in the middle of the night and putting her into our bed between Stef and I...imagine Stef's surprise in the morning! Or maybe we'll let her hide in Michael's closet all night dressed in glam-rock clothes and wearing KISS make-up and when he goes to get dressed in the morning - bam!! Got him. Should be fun.

Aren't you glad you know us?

(Disclaimer: Stef claims no responsibility for this post. I, Kyle, take full responisbility and want to make known that without Stef walking in on this kind, sweet and otherwise innocent woman in the bathroom, I would never have mentioned anything.)

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  1. oh man...only stef!! stefani..you secretly wrote this one huh? haha