09 August 2007

women's day and a wonka reference

Well, hello there.

Thursday is Women's Day in South Africa, a national holiday. (Stef asks that everyone in America help us celebrate by being nice to the women in your lives.) As a result, this week we will be posting Wednesday's blog on Tuesday and Thursday's blog on Wednesday, although since it's already Thursday and Women's Day isn't a holiday in the US, none of this really matters in the slightest. (Thanks, Mr. Turkentine...)

Anyway, we'll be enjoying our day by taking a taxi to the movies with our friends Michael and Prudence. Popcorn, previews....Mmmm, so much fun. We'll be back to post again on Friday.


  1. You guys are pretty much rock stars - and I love you.

  2. I absolutely love reading your blogs. I am addicted! But this one confused me! I'm now not even sure what day it is here in the US. Love you and praying daily!