10 August 2007

stefani and the spider-pig

So, we snuck away on Women's Day (Thursday) to see a movie. A very American movie.

Desperate for a little taste of home, we watched The Simpsons Movie, drank Coke (with ice!!!), and had popcorn. It was a good day.

Anyway, there was this scene in the movie with Homer and a pig...watch it here:

I sing the "Spider-Pig" song now and Stef, in her adorable delirium, dances to it everywhere - in the kitchen, in the bedroom (see photos), in the church. Oh, that's our Stefani.

You gotta love her. :)


  1. ohhh man! thats my sister!! =) haha

  2. spider pig spider pig does whatever a spider pig does...haha nice picture. I love you guys and am praying for you everyday!

  3. Yea! I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. Spider Pig was a pretty classic moment.