20 August 2007

the missionary diet: tenet 2 - slow down. walk more.

Slow down. Walk more. Missionaries rarely roll in pimped out BMW’s, so the pedestrian route is probably the most popular. Now, we do roll on pimped out New Balance sneakers, so don’t think I’m knocking quality goods, here. You get what you pay for, people.

Still, imagine the places around your house where you could walk relatively comfortably. Now expand out a couple of blocks. (Those of you stuck in the back of a suburban housing enclave can probably wait for the next installment.) But, most people can probably fathom making it to the Mexican restaurant down the street, the nearest pizza place, or the corner store. And here you are thinking, “Why would I spend an hour walking to pick up some bread or milk or beer when I could drive there and back in 10 minutes?” It’s a valid question. There is a valid answer. It could be fun and it might even bring down your blood pressure.

So, take a break from typical life. Miss an episode of American Idol. Take a walk. Burn a couple of calories (even if you’re walking to pick up some more). It’s the missionary way.

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