28 August 2007

have you got a minute?

Leave it to me...

I posted our blog about "the dark continent" and what happens next? We go through a couple of days with intermittent blackouts and our internet access decides to poop out.

I must have aroused the wrath of the gods of African technology. We'll burn an offering tonight to appease them.

(We are posting this as we check email at a pay/per minute cafe - we've been assured that our internet will work as of September 1st, so if you are waiting on a reply, expect one then...)

Anyway, let's catch up. In the spirit of Kevin O'Keefe, "Have you got a minute?" (3 of you smiled there...)

- We are in the midst of a Canadian Revival here at church. That means that a group of Canadians are here to help revive the churches of South Africa. They've been a friendly bunch (eh?) and an interesting bunch at that.

Basically, a revival means that we are having 5 services in 4 days all aimed at waking up the locals (and tiring out the missionaries who are leading worhsip for all 5 services), so to speak. We've heard from a Canadian Indian (I want to say he's an eskimo, but that may be offensive to all of our loyal Inuit readers), a Dutch-Canadian preacher who performed Amazing Grace using only bird-calls, and a full slate of other mounties and maple leafs that you would have to meet to understand. We have been able to hook up with David E White, a very cool Canadian singer/songwriter who has really encouraged us this week. He is even teaching me some guitar tricks, so he is definitely among my new favorite people. Google him.

- Stef and I have become soccer fans. We are officially supporters of the Kaizer Chiefs. You can Google them too. We watched the other night as our favorite team played to a 1-1 draw against Jomo Cosmos. Quit rolling your eyes. "Soccer isn't a sport, real sports don't end in ties, soccer players are all a bunch of fakers..." Blah, blah, blah. I'm buying a David Beckham jersey and getting one of those silly parade horns and a flag to wave and we're going to a game. (OK, I probably won't do any of that, but we really do like soccer.)

- Outside of our loyal readers in Central Mexico (you know who you are), you all managed to avoid Hurricane Dean. Congratulations.

- Running out of time....

- Did I mention that Big Macs taste the same here. They do. If you could be an expert for such a thing, I think I might qualify. Trust me.

- Vladimir Putin. Russia scares me. Plus I just wanted to write out "putin". (Enjoy that, Amy.)

- We'll be back in September. I promise. Sorry. Blame Africa. Bye.

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