20 July 2007

a new understanding

We are dealing with the devastating news for our friend every day. It gives us a new perspective on why this is disease is such a scourge. We are now days removed from the diagnosis and there have been no meaningful perscriptions, no referrals to ARVs...basically no progress at all. And while we wait (and pray and sneak money to her to buy more nutritious food) we can see her health, both physically and mentally, declining. It is beyond terrible.

That said, Africa is still alive with possibility and beauty. The children are clinging to us already and we thank God for their wonderful smiles.

We tend to report home the news that impacts us most deeply. That is often bad news. But, please know that we are in love with the people and with each other. And, despite the difficulty that lies in the day, we are very happy to be at home here.

More updates soon.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you two are surviving. With God, all things are possible. Not just a few. He has enabled you to thrive, not just live.
    Kyle must be dessert for the mosquitoes ... We'll pray that no harm will come of it. God is Able.
    love, prayers and God's richest blessings, to you both,
    Rose Marie Helton