23 July 2007

happy anniversary to us


Today (Monday the 23rd) is our 2nd wedding anniversary. We are now officially marital veterans. (Pause for laughter...)

We are celebrating by...well...we'll maybe have lunch together tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy a couple of photos of us with our friends. We should probably take a few with each other. :) We'll take some photos this week and post them on our photo site (link to the left).

The first is Stef with her new Australian friend Lainey. And Kyle is with his best friend Michael and Vusi (aka Section)...


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Isn't marriage grand! Only 40 years to go before you really know each other. LOL.

    Love ya'll!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I've never been married so i have no tips....

    Love you guys!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope that as you enter your third year of marital bliss together, you remember to always cherish the small things, and to never let anything become bigger than what it truly is.

    We are so proud of you all, making a difference in Africa. It was your dream to do so, again, and now you're there, making it happen.

    Of course, we're selfish out here in Texas, missing you guys like crazy, but we know that you're doing God's work, and we love you even more for that.

    We hope to see you again soon!


    Brandy, Dan and Kendall Santee