22 June 2007

borderline delirium

I don't know what gypsies live like exactly. But I never imagined them to be incredibly organized people and I always assumed that they existed in an eternally-transient state.
What does this have to do with anything? Well, we have become gypsies, I think.

It is a bizarre feeling to be living in an apartment with almost no furniture and everything either in a box or trash bag. Simultaneously, we are selling everything we own on Craigslist and that means that even our most current pitiful existence is consistently being downgraded. We had a couple of lamps. Someone bought them. We had a few decorations. Not anymore. So we had a relatively empty apartment. Now we have a relatively empty, undecorated, unlit apartment. It is strange to pack up life. Stranger still to sell it and watch it walk out the door with someone else.

The result of all of this??? Borderline delirium. We don't have a couch, but even if we did, the TV that it would look to doesn't have sound (It got zapped in a lightning storm). Well, we hooked the TV up to a little stereo with some cables and then we had sound again...but that broke, so again - no sound. That is sort of a microcosm of what life looks like. It is different, but we are enjoying the time with each other, being goofballs together - unemployed, transient, delirious, gypsy-like goofballs. In our evening downtime (in the dark), we have been working on some of our funny faces together.

It is a simple life. Glorious and simple.

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  1. Susan Burkholder22 June, 2007 22:07

    I'm shocked and saddened by what I have seen tonight on your blog. You can't live like this much longer, can you? Please come home and sleep in a comfortable bed, eat some hot food, and live a "normal" life! I'll be waiting to hear from you two!
    Love, Your Mom!